Wall Street 2 after-party at Cipriani — Monday, 9.20, 10:40 pm. Back-facing blonde is Carey Mulligan; chat companion is 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Tom Rothman. Other attendees: Oliver Stone, Josh Brolin, Tillman Story director Amir Bar Lev. Michael Douglas was at the premiere but not the party, or not so I noticed. I didn’t see Shia LaBeouf at Cipriani either.

Wall Street 2 costar and Death Proof superstar Vanessa Ferlito, who not only holds her own but delivers a series of neat pocket-drop moments in Oliver Stone’s drama. Legendary performance (including a world-class lapdance sequence with Kurt Russell) in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Brooklyn-born, single mom, three-year-old son. Currently “chillin'” — choosy about parts. Bright, modest — a very likable. very cool lady.

20th Century Fox honcho Tom Rothman, Wall Street 2 costar Carey Mulligan.

Cipriani on 42nd Street, the site of last night’s Wall Street 2 party, is a dazzling calming cathedral — titanic-sized, old-world flavor. One reason I wasn’t sufficiently camera-aggressive is that I couldn’t get over the astonishing size of the place, and particularly the beautiful curtains and columns and soft, candle-like amber light. Either you embrace your inner paparazzi or you don’t, and I couldn’t quite go there.