I’ve stated once or twice that I’ve fallen head over heels with Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s Revenant score. Yes, I’m aware that the score is co-composed by Sakamoto, Bryce Dessner and German electronic musician Alva Noto but it’s the Sakamoto sections (bassy symphonic strings for the most part) that lifted me out of my seat. Sakomoto’s music sounded that much better at the Arclight last night than at the Zanuck, by the way. My ribs were humming with pleasure from the vibration. A couple of days ago I tried to obtain a couple of mp3 excerpts from the Revenant score, and was promptly shut down. I can’t fathom why. It’s nuts to hide awareness of this score. People need be told it’s one of the standouts right now.

The above track, a Dessner composition called “Imagining Buffalo”, is fine but I’m looking for Sakamoto excerpts. The soundtrack is out digitally on Christmas Day, the CD is out January 8, and the vinyl pressing is coming in April via Milan Records. The Revenant opens limited on 12.25 and a wide on 1/8/16.