The Zero Dark Thirty Bluray (Sony Home Video, 3.19) “is about as faultless as the movie,” writes’s Martin Liebman. “The transfer reveals very crisp details; every square inch of the frame is perfectly defined, whether under bright desert sun or through night vision goggles. Complex aerial city shots are handled just as well as intimate close-ups; the former reveals every texture sharply and with incredible ease, the latter showing details as fine — finer, maybe — than the naked eye might perceive in real life.

“Every worn piece of concrete, each grain of sand, strand of clothing, bead of sweat, and drop of blood are revealed with no effort and the utmost clarity. Colors are equally impressive. The palette is naturally vibrant, again under all lighting conditions. No hue is betrayed by the transfer, none appear washed out or overly processed; each is beautifully displayed in every frame. Black levels are true but still revealing of critical information in the nighttime raid at film’s end. Flesh tones are never problematic. Very light banding — an inconsequential amount — may be seen in one or two moments, but it’s not quite enough to knock an otherwise perfect transfer from Sony.”

My copy will arrive Tuesday, no later than Wednesday.