Deadline is reporting that Chris Pine‘s former agency, SDB Partners, has filed a lawsuit against the actor after he dumped them by email. SDB wants commissions on This Means War as well as Pine’s forthcoming work as Captain Kirk in Paramount’s Star Trek franchise.

It appears (emphasis on the “a” word) that Pine is dumping these guys because he’s panicking about the reception to War, the all-but-universally reviled McG action-romcom that sneaks tonight and opens on Friday. He reportedly canned them last November, at which point he’d surely realized what a piece of shite the McG was. In any event he needs to convey a message to the industry that he realizes he (i.e., SDB) screwed up and that he’s making changes, etc. “Okay, I signed off on the McG, fine, but they pushed me into it so it’s mainly their fault!”…or words to that effect.