Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have really, really reached their nadir. They can talk about going back to origins of a landmark 1954 Japanese monster flick all they want, but they’ve basically declared an intention to remake a 12 year-old deeply loathed Roland Emmerich film.

If you were a senior Warner Bros. production exec, would you have the stones to greenlight a new Godzilla film? I’d approve it on one condition. If Legendary commits to shooting it in black-and-white with a guy splashing around inside a Godzilla suit, like the 1954 filmmmakers did. Shoot the damn thing on sound stages with stupid-looking miniature buildings and fighter jets on wires and toy ships in the harbor. That I would honestly pay to see. Especially if the Godzilla suit has eyes with white pupils that roll around when the monster gets especially angry. And if they use the old Godzilla roar.

Dave McNary‘s Variety story about the project appears to be historic, however. It actually credits a horror-film website for breaking the initial news. I could be wrong but to my knowledge Variety has never does this — they’re famous for never crediting websites for anything. “Speculation about a new Godzilla has been active since last summer,” McNary writes. “The Bloody Disgusting web site reported in August that the project was in development.”