It was while watching the recently released Captain Marvel trailer that I realized I’m sick to death of hearing the line “you have no idea.” As in “you have no idea how much shit is about to come down.” Or “you have no idea what’s really going on here.” Or “you have no idea who I am or what I’ve been going through.” Samuel L. Jackson is the guy who says it in the trailer, and the instant I heard it I said “okay, that’s it, no more.”

I’ve always hated this line because the characters who say it don’t actually mean that the person they’re speaking to “has no idea” about this or that, which would be another way of saying they’re basically clueless. What they mean is that the person in question doesn’t have enough information, isn’t fully aware of all the angles or doesn’t know the whole equation. All I know is that from this point on, any movie in which a character says “you have no idea” is bad news, as in badly written, chock of cliches, hackneyed, “give me a break”, etc.

Again, the mp3.