I missed Andrew Rossi and Kate Novack‘s Ivory Tower, an allegedly striking examination of the appalling student-loan situation, at last January’s Sundance Film Festival. Having been urged by Jett (struggling himself with a massive Syracuse University Bachelor’s degree debt) to see it, I’m finally renting it on Vudu and catching it tonight. Elizabeth Warren recently told Bill Maher that the U.S. government realizes an annual $60 billion profit on student loans? It’s a big corrupt racket and for what? So some college buddy will will tell you about a job or recommend you to someone? Edward Snowden never even graduated from high school. I’m self-educated (I barely attended college) and look at me….”made it, ma! Top of the world!”

Is the inevitable Hillary Clinton ever going to say anything about anything at all? Sooner or later her non-campaigning campaign has to be about something more than just “I’ve been biding my time and am pretty much inevitable” and “it’s time for a woman to be in the Oval Office.”

A presidential campaign has to be about real heart and extra-passionate beliefs, and Clinton seems to barely have either (her main conviction is that she wants very much to win) while Warren has both in spades. You know she does, and you know that Hillary, a corporate center-rightist with nominally “liberal” colors, has never had that fire. Warren, please…she has a heartbeat and Hillary doesn’t. Warren, please…the rural dumbasses might even relate to her as at least she doesn’t represent a Northeastern liberal political dynasty and vaulting ambition. I’ll vote for Hillary, but I can’t get it up for her. Warren…please.