Was I wrong about Munich‘s strength or is this just some corroded political DGA thing? Steven Spielberg has nabbed one of the five Best Director nominations from the Directors Guild of America, and David Poland, one of Munich‘s most die-hard supporters, is now apparently of two minds. Today’s Hot Button is obviously a limited Munich pullback piece on one level, but he also says, incredibly, that “I still believe in my gut that if Munich gets nominated, the month following nominations will see enough people lining up behind the film in this good-not-Oscar-great season for it to win the Oscar.” The reason I believe Poland to be the ultimate Japanese-soldier-holding-out-in-a-cave- in-Okinawa is that I keep hearing there’s no sizable support for Munich among the guilds, so if you ask me (and I’m not the only one) this is just about directors kissing Spielberg’s ass for giving a lot of people a lot of work over the years. The other four DGA nominees (and congratulations to them all) are Capote‘s Bennett Miller (that’s it…Capote is a flat-out Best Picture lock) Brokeback Mountain‘s Ang Lee, George Clooney for Good Night, and Good Luck and Crash‘s Paul Haggis — the beneficiary of the biggest sentiment surge. The DGA winner and the Oscar-winner for Best Director have been the same in 51 of the last 57 years.