They always say “never hold a drink in your hand when posing for a press photo” — here’s why. Little Miss Sunshine co-director Jonathan Dayton (l.) appears to be holding a bottle of Perrier, but the mere presence of a bottle in his right hand plus that vaguely smirky expression on his ruddy bearded face (he looks half-bombed) plus the straw pork-pie hat doesn’t make for a winning combination. If he’d put the bottle down and buttoned his jacket he’d be fine.

Sunshine co-director Valerie Faris (center) is also holding a Perrier bottle, but with both hands as if it the bottle is a piece of sculpture or an award she’s just won, and that makes all the difference. The lady looks sharp, elegant and reserved, like an art-gallery owner. L.A. Film Festival programming chief Rachel Rosen (r.) isn’t holding anything, and thank fortune for that.