A coffee-table book called Translating Hollywood: The World of Movie Posters was profiled yesterday by Boston Pheonix writer Chris Wangler. The poster images came from the collection of gallery owner Sam Sarowitz.

This Japanese-created, Roy Lichtenstein-ish Get Carter poster is far, far better than the one used for general U.S. release.

“Most of the posters come from the late 1950s and after, ” Wangler writes. “Hollywood classics are the focus, but there’ss a nice selection of French New Wave, world cinema classics, and genre pictures.
“As movies began to gain worldwide attention, Hollywood studios tailored their marketing to specific geographic locations, allowing local distributors to create their own publicity campaigns. As a result, writes New York Times DVD critic Dave Kehr in the introduction, films ‘were dressed up in native costumes for the different countries they happened to be visiting.'”