We all know that screw-ups happen now and then, and this one’s not a rumor: the Technicolor tech guys who sent out screeners of Steven Spielberg’s Munich on behalf of NBC Universal have messed things up as far as members of the British Film Academy (BAFTA) are concerned. The purchase order on Universal’s part was correct, but somehow it wasn’t carried out right and BAFTA’s 3000-plus members “were sent encrypted ‘screener’ DVDs that were mastered for North America, and can only be played on special [multi-region] DVD players supplied by Cinea (www.cinea.com — a Dolby subsidiary),” according to a Boing-Boing correspondent. “First the DVDs were held up by UK customs, thereby missing the first-round voting deadline. But when they arrived, they would not play on any machine because they had been mastered for Region 1 (North America).” I made the call and an NBC Uni spokesman has confirmed the veracity of the report.