Wednesday night’s (5.206) tracking figures were released today, and the news is again not good for Poseidon, which opens 8 days from now: 77% general awareness, 30% definite interest and 3% first choice. I’m sorry to be the bearer (especially regarding a film I had a really good time with), but the 3% figure basically means it’s as good as dead. Mission: Impossible III (opening tomorrow) has a 98% general awareness, 43% definite interest and 13% first choice. That’s fairly good, but not stratospheric. The DaVinci Code (opening 5.19) has a 95% general awareness, 60% definite interest and 29% first choice. Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand (opening 5.24 to 5.26 worldwide) has a 77% general interest, 51% definite interest and 14% first choice.