All 13 episodes of House of Cards‘ third season are up and rolling. The idea, of course, is to binge-watch between now and Sunday night. The plan, ideally, is to watch two today or tonight, and then six on Saturday and five on Sunday. It’s my earnest hope that Kevin Spacey‘s Frank Underwood will out-connive or out-bludgeon his enemies and slither away from all his troubles like the black snake he is and always will be. I know Frank deserves to go down and be eaten by predators, but there’s something perversely enjoyable in watching him turn the tables and eat them.

“Ever since it began, House of Cards has been a Greek tragedy masquerading as an American one,” writes’s Melissa Maerz. A darkly comic allegory about fate, hubris, and abuse of power in Washington, D.C., it finds its hero making supremely arrogant moves that should leave his empire in ruins, yet he never gets punished.

“If House of Cards were a true Greek tragedy, this season would end with Frank getting karmic retribution, whether it’s from Claire, his former associate, or a new political reporter (Kim Dickens) who’s bent on exposing corruption. But at a time when the real-life government is so often gridlocked, it’s still satisfying to watch him make power moves and actually get what he wants. He might be evil, but he’s very effective. Besides, this is Washington. If his downfall comes, he’ll just wait four years and rise again.”