The weekend’s big winner was Shawn Levy and Ben Stiller‘s Night At The Museum, which is looking at $33 to $35 million by Sunday night. The big tank was McG and Matthew McConaughey‘s We Are Marshall, which may end up with a piddly $7.5 million in 2,606 situations. (A fairly decent sports film…too bad.) And Robert De Niro, Eric Roth and Matt Damon‘s The Good Shepherd is a fourth-place ho-hummer with an estimated $9 million or so in 2,218 theaters.
Gabriele Muccino and Will Smith‘s The Pursuit Of Happyness will be a second-place finisher with about $15 million, maybe a bit less. Rocky Balboa will be third with roughly $14 million — an impressive comeback by the previously all-but-washed-up Stallone.