Roland Emmerich‘s 10,000 B.C. (opening Friday) is tracking at 84, 42 and 27….very heavily male (particularly younger male), rated PG-13, has to do at least $30 million. No one trusts tracking after after last weekend’s Semi-Pro debacle, but trust me — a 27 first choice means that that all the young animals will be out in force.
Roger Donaldson‘s The Bank Job (also this weekend) is running at 42, 32 and 8. A general awareness rating of 42 is extremely weak for a film opening in two days (Owen Wilson‘s Drillbit Taylor isn’t out until 3.21 but has a general awareness level of 45). Lionsgate is probably confining its run to 50 major urban markets and therefore not reaching every Tom, Dick and Harry.
The presumably contemptible College Road Trip is, of course, looking fairly good with an 83, 24 and 4. Family audience, bring the tots, spillled drinks and popcorn on the floor..
Doomsday (opening 3.14) is running at 47, 24 and 2. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who (also 3.14) is at 77, 40 and 9. Never Back Down (same weekend) is tabulating 32, 34 and 3. As mentioned, Drillbit Taylor (3.21) is 45, 26 and 2. Shutter (also 3.21) is at 30, 22 and 1. Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns is running at 47, 25 and 5 — a low figure for a Perry film at this stage (i.e., two weeks out).
21 (opening 3.28) is at 39, 34 and 4. Run, Fat Boy, Run (ditto) is at 35, 15 and 1. Kimberly Peirce’s Stop-Loss (3.28) is at 26, 20 and 1. And Superhero Movie (same) is at 37, 20 and 1.