Did anyone see Stomp the Yard (Screen Gems) yesterday? It’s the #1 film of this 4-day weekend (i.e., Martin Luther King Day on Monday) with a projected $25,727,000. Night at the Museum will be #2 with $20,120,000 projected by Monday night. The steady-earning Pursuiit of Happyness — no Oscar love, Will Smith‘s Best Actor hopes never got of the ground — is #3 with $11,249,000.
The “hmmm” statistic concerns the 4th-ranked Dreamgirls. Dreamamount more than doubled their screens this weekend — they were at 800-something last weekend, and are now at 1907 screens — and got very little gain from it. In fact, last night they were down 15% from last Friday. The projected 4-day tally for Beyonce, Jennifer, Eddie & Jamie is $9,235,000. Maybe they’ll get a bump off Monday’s Golden Globes awards.
Freedom Writers will end up with $8,897,000 for a #5 slot. Sixth-place Alpha Dog will tally $7,867,000. Children of Men‘s 4-day figure will be about $7,468,00 — .they added 295 dates from last weekend, and are still off 32%. Primeval, $6,785,000. Arthur and The Invisibles, $5,540,000.
The Good Shepherd, $4,464,000. Charlotte’s Web, $4,310,000.
God Grew Tired of Us, playing in 2 theatres, will end up with $35,000.