The weekend’s #1 film and the absolute toast of America is Blades of Glory, which will end up with $33,433,000 by tonight. Meet The Robinsons is second with $25,7000,000…very respectable. And Zack Snyder‘s 300 came in third with $11,235,000.

TMNT is #4 with $9,001,000, down 63% (popular!) from last weekend. Wild Hogs Roasting On A Spit came in fifth at $8,320,000. Antoine Fuqua and Mark Wahlberg ‘s not-especially-great Shooter is sixth with $7,927,000, and the indisputably bad Premonition came in seventh with $5,121,000.

The Last Mimzy, down 60%, came in eighth with $3,967,000, just a notch ahead of The Hills Have Eyes 2, also down 60%, with $3,895,000. Mike Binder‘s Reign Over Me, down 51%, came in tenth with $3,668,000. (Americans!) And Scott Frank‘s The Lookout bombed — $1,929,000, about $2000 a print.