A big studio’s estimate for the weekend box-office vs. Fantasy Moguls.com estimates…ready? FM has Blades of Glory, the weekend’s #1 film, at $20.8 million while the studio projects $24,467,000. (It’s off 26% for the weekend, off 20% yesterday, and on its way to over $100 million.) Meet the Robinsons is being projected by FM at $17 million for the weekend — the studio is eyeballing $16,852,000 for weekend with a 33% drop, which isn’t bad. The thoroughly detestable Are We Done Yet? will do $16 million by FM and $16,237,000 weekend by the studio. (It did only $5,387,000 last night which tells me it’ll end up closer to $14 or 15 milion by Sunday night.)

The fourth-place Grindhouse, as mentioned, will most likely end up with $13 million. It did about 4,894,000 yesterday and is nwo being projected by the studio as finishing with $11,992,000 but that’s probably low.

The Reaping — FM says $9.1 million [$11 million for four days] while the studio says $3,852,000 for Friday witgh a projection of $9,631,000 for the weekend. The sixth-place 300 will do $7.5 million by FM and $8,356,000 by the studio. (The cume is now at $193 million — it’ll definitely finish up at over $200 million.) FM has Wild Hogs taking in $6.3 million for the weekend and a $144.9 million cume — the studio has it at $7,133,000 for the weekend.

The eighth-place TMNT will earn $5.4 million by FM — the studio says $4,531,000. Shooter will earn $5.2 million by FM and $5,800,000 by the studio. And Firehouse Dog, a disaster, will end up with $4 million by FM and $3,951,000 by the studio.

The Hoax, the Richard Gere-Clifford Irving-Howard Hughes movie, is out limited in 235 theatres and will do $1,211,000 for the weekend for a little over 5000 a print — not great, but good but decent.