American Gangster will probably beat Bee Movie this weekend by at least $5 million, if not more. The Ridley-Denzel-Russell crime drama is tracking at 90,57 and 40 (mostly over-25 males) and should easily tally $40 million.

Jerry Seinfeld‘s Bee Movie is at 84, 40 (very strong “definite interest” for animated film) and 18, which means it’ll definitely crest $30 million and could reach the mid 30s.

New Line has been doing an excellent job of hiding The Martian Child, which is at 48, 27 and 5…a disaster. Fred Claus, opening 11.9, is at 67, 39 and 5 — likely to move up over the next few days. Lions for Lambs is at 59, 20 and 3…flatine. Beowulf (11.16) is at 69, 33 and 5….looking good but not great.