Disturbia and Perfect Stranger are going to be neck and neck this weekend. The latter is tracking at 71, 33 and 14, and Disturbia has been clocked at 61, 35 and 15. Neither one is going to blow the roof off.

A guy I know suspects that Disturbia might perform a little bit better, possibly because moviegoers are picking up oppressive formula fumes coming off the latter, a Bruce Willis-Halle Berry thriller. (A friend says Stranger, which had its all-media screening last night, has an irritating twist element at the finale that’s been used solely because movies like this are supposed to have twist endings.)

Does anyone know or care about Shia LaBeouf, the Disturbia lead guy? I know that a GenY Rear Window movie seems a little more enticing than Berry playing Nancy Drew and agitating Willis until things come to a boil.

Tracking on Spider-Man 3 (Columbia, 5.4) is phenomenal — 95, 44 and 32. By the time it opens the first choice figure will be over 50. Two semi-noteworthy films are opening against it — Curtis Hanson‘s Lucky You (35, 20 and 1) and September Dawn (13, 16 and 0).

4.20: Fracture (41, 29 and 4), Vacancy (54, 25 and 3) and In The Land of Women (31, 24 and 2).

4.27: Condemned (31, 29 and 0), The Invisible (38, 18 and 0), Kickin’ It Old School (26, 16 and 0), Next (45, 24 and 1).