I am Warren Beatty, standing next to Faye Dunaway and before 40-odd million American viewers, and I open the ritzy envelope containing the winner of 2016’s Best Picture Oscar, and I see the name “Emma Stone.” Hmmm. I smile sheepishly, shake my head a couple of times and say the following: “I’m afraid…I’m afraid that this is one of those amusing moments that require…what’s the phrase?…that require further clarification. And it’s not a problem, just need a few seconds. (Chuckling) This is actually good for the show, I think, because we now have an extra element of suspense to contend with. But I’m…I’m sorry but I’m looking at something that doesn’t seem quite right, and I’d like Jimmy Kimmel — Jimmy? where are you? — I’d like Jimmy to come up and offer his…uhm, offer his expert opinion. No biggie, we just need to be sure….Jimmy?”