There’s no relation between the fact that I’m sitting inside a McDonald’s (free wifi!) at Burbank Airport at 5:20 am, and the fact that Alfonso Cuaron‘s Gravity has premiered to rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. But there’s no harm in just stating facts. Here’s Justin Chang’s Variety review…over the moon. Significant sentence: “As visual an experience as the film is, it would be far less effective without the exceptional sound work by production mixer Chris Munro and sound designer Glenn Freemantle, which makes especially potent use of silence in accordance with the laws of outer-space physics.” Dozens if not hundreds of second- and third-rate filmmakers who’ve worked on mediocre space-adventure flicks are scratching their heads as we speak. A potent use of silence, observing laws of outer-space physics? This might work for a high-falutin’ film festival movie like Gravity, but generally speaking popcorn-eaters want to hear stuff in space movies. You know…booms, whushes, pyoom-pyooms.