Halfway down page 281 in Nick ToschesDino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, the basic philosophy of Dean Martin in 1956, just before his breakup with Jerry Lewis, is summarized as follows:

“Jerry had his Beverly Hills psychiatrist, Dr. Henry Luster. Dean had himself, il dottore dell’io. Airs, waters and places had conspired against him. There could be no happiness but in waving away the world; none but in being apart, unthinking, unfeeling.

“He had heard of Dante and the Commedia, of the hundred cantos that rose toward a paradise of light, love and reason with a breadth of a woman at their heart. Pura luce, piena d’amore. But what was all the light and love in the world compared to a single good blowjob? That was what women did to men, turned them into fucking pazzo poets.

“And what the fuck did Dante know about hell? Dante Alighieri and Jerry Lewis. Nine years of listening to that mortucrist wail and whine — then he really could have written a fucking Inferno.

“Fuck it all. Fuck all that love, light and reason shit. Fuck Beatrice where she breathed. Fuck the moon in your eye like a big pizza pie. It was a racket, all right. You sang your song, you wrote your poem: a crust of bread, a jug of wine, and thou. It sounded so sweet. But a million bucks, a bottle of Scotch and a blowjob — that’s what it came down to. It was like the clown in the opera said: La commedia e finita!”