Due Date director Todd Phillips made time earlier this afternoon for a chat at the Greenwich Hotel. He reads the column (which is flattering), but hadn’t caught up with the review that I posted yesterday afternoon (which is cool). And he was half-surprised that I respect and enjoy what the film is doing differently, and that I find it just plain funny besides. Apologies for the milky-white light in segment #1 — should have been more careful with camera placement.

Phillips leaves tonight for London and then catches another flight to Bangkok, which is where Hangover 2 (which is halfway through shooting) is partly or mostly set. The story takes place two years after the Las Vegas episode. Bangkok is as party town, so you know what’ll probably happen and where it’ll probably go.

We spoke a bit about the Mel Gibson/Hangover 2 issue in segment #2, and I repeated my oft-stated opinion that no matter how Gibson is handling his alcohol issues off-screen, he’s a natural at playing heebie-jeebie jabberwocky types. Phillips said he knows people who’ve seen The Beaver and they’re saying Gibson kicks it hard and that director Jodie Foster has done a really expert job.