Hollywood Elsewhere and Blackfilm.com’s Wilson Morales did a chat earlier today. I tried to keep our discussion to 30 minutes, but it went 42. Largely because Wilson’s so easy to talk to. Whatever the topic, we always seem to fall into the old yappity-yap and the time just flies.

Here’s the mp3.

Wilson is a fascinating guy — split between his natural ability to step back and offer complex analysis of how this or that film may perform commercially or within the award-season bubble, and a streak of constant compulsive honesty.

I wish I could say that we stepped outside the box and explored unusual topics today, but I’m afraid we stuck to the usual-usual — new films (like Steven Caple, Jr.‘s Creed II, which pops on 11.21), Best Picture contenders, Mahershala Ali, the likeliest Best Actor and Best Actress nominees, etc.

Boilerplate: “A graduate of Cornell University and an avid filmgoer, Wilson Morales is the website editor for blackfilm.com, in which he also writes reviews and conducts interviews with producers, directors, and actors. On TV, he served as executive producer and film critic for Audrey’s Whirl, a film show hosted by Audrey Bernard that featured reviews and commentary on films and the industry. On WBAI Radio (99.5 FM) in New York, Wilson co-produces film segments, with Mike Sargent, and can be heard on Reel World, which focuses on the music in films as well as interviews and reviews.

“Morales is Vice-President of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and a member of the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS).”

Again, the mp3.