The truth is that I’m not much interested in seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a long-in-development animated film that’s based on a Roald Dahl story that Wes Anderson is (or was) planning to direct for Sony, from a script he co-wrote with Noah Baumbach. What everyone wants to see is Wes’s India movie, which I hear is written on paper and pretty damn good. (I don’t know anything else except for the locale.) The reason I’m mentioning the India flick is because plans are apparently afoot to shoot it sooner rather than later, meaning later this year or in early ’07. The India shoot appears (emphasis on the “a” word) to be scheduled to happen at the same time as Drillbit Taylor, a comedy that Stephen Brill (Little Nicky, Without a Paddle ) is going to direct for Paramount with Wes’s longtime ally Owen Wilson starring and Judd Apatow producing. It’s a bit of an either-or, art-vs.-commerce issue for Owen, who wants to do the India pic but likes the idea of Drillbit because it’s a big friggin’ payday. (Uhm, a guy who gets around just wrote in and said Drillbit Taylor “is a funny script…keep that in mind.” But I’m sure he means “funny” in a low, crude Stephen Brill kind of way.)