Roxanne Gay, a novelist, an essayist and a woman of undeniable size, is no fan of Darren Aronofsky‘s The Whale (A24, limited). She’s written a harshly critical essay for the N.Y. Times called “The Cruel Spectacle of The Whale.”

I wish I could throw my two cents in, but I haven’t seen The Whale. Would it be okay if I lie by saying I’m looking forward to the experience?

Gay: “Most audiences will see the spectacle of a 600-pound man unwilling to care for himself, grieving the loss of his partner who died by suicide, eager to die himself, and using food as the means to that end. The disdain the filmmakers seem to have for their protagonist is constant, inescapable. It’s infuriating — to have all this on-screen talent and all these award-winning creators behind the camera, working to make an inhumane film about a very human being. What, exactly, is the point of that?”

I’m naturally presuming that Aronofsky disagrees with Gay’s assessment, and that he’ll probably take issue with it in some way.