There’s nothing wrong with Indiewire‘s Peter Knegt running an article about the perceived strengths and demerits of Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi. But calling it “The Case For And Against The Front-Runner Status of Life of Pi” is like reading a piece in The New Republic that begins with an acknowledgement that Mitt Romney‘s election as U.S. President of November 6th is a distinct possibility. On what planet?

At best Life of Pi is the Hugo of 2012, and perhaps a bit less than that. It’s probably destined to be nominated a Best Picture nomination, okay, and maybe Best Adapted Screenplay…possibly. But calm down. Strictly tech awards.

“It’s stolen the buzz from Silver Linings Playbook, Argo and The Master” = it opened the New York Film Festival four nights ago and made a big splash in our minds, and then we all went to the after-party at the Harvard Club…whoo-hoo!”