For decades the Detroit auto industry was notorious for lagging behind on gas efficiency while mainlining profits from gas-guzzling SUVs. Three or four years ago Chrysler shut down the Delaware plant that made their hefty=sized Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen SUVs so they’ve presumably gotten into the swing of things. But it’s flat-out dishonest if not rancid for Bob “paycheck” Dylan to praise Detroit as an exemplar of “the finest” innovation and craftsmanship. “Is there anything more America than America?” he said at the beginning of Superbowl ad. How about selling out? Several native industries arguably exemplify the best aspects of American tradition and character. Detroit may be gradually changing its approach, but it’s known worldwide for having been myopic, arrogant and greedy for a long stretch of time. Why didn’t Dylan make an ad for Fender guitars? The Chrysler ad gave me the same sinking feeling I felt in ’79 when Dylan announced he was a born-again Christian. “Bob Dylan just negated 50 years of sticking it to the man in about 90 seconds,” some guy tweeted. Dylan stopped sticking it to the man in 1964.