What changes in the style and tone of Oscar telecast is David Thomson precisely suggesting? He’s basically saying make it looser and goosier…like the MTV Awards. “I’d…give Oscars for the best deal, the best promotion campaign, the most outrageous agent of the year,” he wrotes. “I’d give a chutzpah award — while the term chutzpah is still understood. All because people are in love with the business more than the story. I’d cut the show in half. I’d make it a dinner party again, instead of an awkward theatrical event.” Thomson would also make the awards for the technical CGI compositions a much bigger deal since the under-30s understand and spect this side of things. Movies as well the Oscar awards “need to be wild, sensational, visceral, overwhelming,” he concludes. Otherwise, one day the audience is going to wake up and say, ‘Dad, why do we have the Academy Awards? Shouldn’t they be in a home somewhere?'”