A story of a struggling guy with all kinds of issues, set against a New York-in-the-’50s political murder mystery. Seemingly set in ’54 or ’55, to judge by the cars. Directed, adapted, produced by and starring Edward Norton, and costarring Willem Dafoe (still wearing his Lighthouse beard?), Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Leslie Mann, Bobby Cannavale.

Wiki boilerplate: “A private investigator with Tourette syndrome (Edward Norton) works to solve the mystery of who killed his mentor (Bruce Willis) in 1950s New York.” One of the hotter Telluride titles, and the New York Film closing-night attraction. (Also slated for TIFF.)

I always thought Tourette syndrome sufferers were given to profanity and vulgarities — not in this instance. The twice-blowing-out-the-match scene is excellent.