Yesterday President Bill Clinton told jeering Bernie Sanders supporters at a campaign rally in Boyle Heights that they would be “toast” on Tuesday. “I don’t want to pick a fight but if I were them I’d be screaming, too, ’cause if you figured this out, they’re toast for Election Day,” Clinton said. “So have a good time.”

“The reason they are screaming is ’cause,…here’s the point, she got 73% of the vote in South Carolina with the white working class, as well as with African-Americans because they know what she did there,” Clinton explained.

“You know the only thing that bothers me about it is? They say that everybody that disagrees with them is part of some nefarious establishment. It’s a pretty big establishment. It includes the United Farm Workers, because she voted for immigration reform when he didn’t.

“They can shout all they want, those are the facts, and she has bent over backwards to be positive in this campaign.”