On 4.21 an IMAX quarterly earnings press release divulged that Terrence Malick‘s Voyage of Time, perhaps the most comically over-delayed film in the history of motion pictures, will pop in IMAX on 10.7.16. (Exact IMAX wording: “In addition, the Company will be releasing…a documentary film, Voyage of Time, on October 7, 2016.”) I might get around to seeing it…maybe. Okay, I probably will. But only out of habit because Malick was such a big deal between the early to late ’70s, and then a big deal again between The Thin Red Line and Tree of Life. But he’s more or less over now — To The Wonder and Knight of Cups have all but seen to that. Weightless, which I’m very reluctant to see, is probably superfluous at this stage. Nobody much cares. I certainly don’t. His brand has certainly waned across the board.