Preface: The insanity out there is such that anyone sharing sensible, scientific views about transgender issues has become, in the eyes of some wokesters, extra-heinous due to the recent horrific murder of Laura Ann Carleton, 66, in Cedar Glen (just east of Lake Arrowhead) by Travis Ikeguchi, a 27-year-old wackjob who was killed by police in a shootout.

In other words, if you hold sensible, moderate opinions about trans choices and lifestyles you’re an accessory to murder. This is why the term “Crazy Town” has caught on these days; because some on the extreme left have completely lost their minds. [End of preface]

Friendo: “’HumanaHumana‘ is very bright, Jeff, and consistently on-point. I was reminded of this yet again in his comments on your post about that sworn enemy of all trans people, Carlos Santana.

“But what really amazes me is the sheer volume of zealots who descend upon you every time you post your anti-woke stuff.

“I can’t get over this. You’d think the ratio of woke to anti-woke would be the opposite of what it is — 20% woke vs. 80% anti-woke, let’s say, or at worst 50/50.

“But nope — it’s more like 90% woke-favoring vs. 10% sensible and grounded in reality.

“Would you have seen this coming as recently as ten years ago?

“Imagine if someone had said the following to you back in 2013: “Jeff, let’s say that in the near future, cross-gendering and cross-dressing becomes a political football. Let’s imagine that in 2023, you wrote a comment in support of a rock star who affirmed the idea that there are only two genders and that basically roosters and roosters and hens are hens.

“If you had to guess, what percentage of your readership would AGREE with your support of this man, and what percentage would CONDEMN it?”

“Wouldn’t you have guessed (as I would have) that at least 80-90% of your readership would come down on the side of common sense? That is, in SUPPORT of the gender binary?”