“The reality is that there is no ‘Oscar-type’ movie anymore. It is no longer good enough to make a movie that simply checks off the boxes of things that pull at the heartstrings of voters — period pieces, costume dramas, Holocaust movies, etc. The Academy has never been younger, hipper or more in-tune with critics than they have been over the past decade.

“Sure, some members are still living in the past and susceptible to pure and simple emotional manipulation — they’re the ones responsible for nominating something like The Blind Side (2009) every once in a blue moon — but, at the end of the day, today’s members respond to quality, above all else, no matter what packaging it comes in.” — Scott Feinberg in a 12.9 post titled “The World Has Moved On — Catch Up!” (Or as Uma Thurman‘s Pulp Fiction character would say, “Ketchup!”)