I don’t know how old this Friedkin interview is, but the video was posted two years ago. Imagine the collective chalk-on-a-blackboard reactions from the wokester Stalinists…all of those wonderful people whose adamant condemnation of Allen is why Coup de Chance, which will debut at the Venice Film Festival on Monday, 9.4 in Venice, can’t be programmed at the Telluride, Toronto or New York film festivals.

Last, down-on-my-knees request…

Monday, 8.21

Dear [Woody Allen representative],

With only two weeks to go before the Venice Film Festival premiere of Coup de Chance (Monday, 9.4) and having written you three times previously starting last June, I’m asking once again out of sheer doggedness to be allowed access to a NYC viewing of Coup de Chance, either via link or a screening room.

Sometime this week, I mean, as I’ll be leaving for the Telluride Film Festival on Monday, 8.28. I won’t return to NYC until Tuesday, 9.5.

I realize, of course, that zero replies to my previous three emails indicates a negative response, but as I regard myself as one of Woody’s most faithful and steadfast supporters I would be deeply honored and grateful to be given an opportunity, as Roger Friedman and Keith McNallly were last spring, to see Woody’s 50th film so I can post a reaction concurrent with the Venice press contingent.

Thanks & warmest regards,

Jeffrey Wells
HE (www.hollywood-elsewhere.com)