Jurors in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case today acquitted two militant rightwing Michigan bumblefucksBrandon Caserta and Daniel Harris — and said they were deadlocked on charges against two others, Barry Croft and Adam Fox.

The jurors seemed to be saying that these low-rent assholes were just rattling their online sabres, and that they didn’t actually intend to kidnap Whitmer. Not really.

All four had been accused of plotting to snatch Whitmer, Michigan’s Democratic governor, from her vacation home in 2020. You could also presume that the jurors felt a greater cultural kinship with these four louts than with Whitmer.

The bottom line, I suspect, is that the jurors knew these guys were (a) fairly serious about wanting to kidnap Whitmer, however half-assed and goon squad their plans and strategies might have been, and (b) that they’re definitely sociopaths — the same kind of rightwing animals who stormed the U.S. Capitol on 1.6.21.

And so, naturally, the jurors had problems with finding them guilty.