Three days ago the Film Society of Lincoln Center unveiled a curious poster for the 54th New York Film Festival (9.30 – 10.16). A miniature industrial-pastoral thing out of Beetlejuice. Two miniature people dolls in a little rowboat on a simulated river running through some kind of industrial refinery or whatever. The important ingredient is that the poster was designed by Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The basic equation is that given the respect Weerasethakul enjoys in effete film-festival circles, his poster at the very least warrants interest and respect. To borrow from an idea in Tom Wolfe‘s The Painted Word, it’s not the art itself but the theory behind it that matters. In this instance the “theory” is not conceptual but factual and political. An endorsement by FSLC guys = dynamic, intriguing, something to talk about