From Owen Gleiberman‘s “The Theatrical Success of Anyone but You Sends a Message: Has Streaming Become a Form of Stockholm Syndrome?“:

“Last fall, Richard Linklater’s Hit Man was one of the hits of the Venice Film Festival. It was a critical darling built around a charismatic performance by an up-and-coming star named…Glen Powell. Distributors were hot for it, and it was bought for $20 million.

“Here we are five months later, and Glen Powell is a star, and Hit Man, set to come out in June, will certainly advantage of all the marquee capital that Powell built up in Anyone but You. Which is a distributor’s dream, right?

Wrong. Because it’s actually not going to happen that way.

Hit Man was bought by Netflix, so no one was ever going to see it in a theater. And no one will see it in a theater now. Hit Man was a festival sensation that had the makings of an indie hit, but now it will be another movie that vanishes into the Bermuda Triangle of the streaming ocean.”