I’m not trusting that Juan Antonio Bayona is a superb director — I know he is, and I’ve been riding on that absolute certainty for several months in anticipation of seeing The Impossible, his tsunami survival drama. But this trailer is scaring me a bit because it’s suggesting that the film is only about a separated family (Ewan Macgregor, Naomi Watts and kids) wandering around in the wake of the 2004 tsunami and eventually finding each other again. I hope there’s more to it than that, but I’m officially worried. Plus: U2’s “One” feels cloying.

From Richard Rushfield: “It’s not that I have anything against Power of the Human Spirit Against Cruel Nature in Tropical Settings Films. Or against tearjerkers. I’m just aware as someone who is concerned with public health that extremely elevated glucose levels may make for a wild roller coaster ride of a filmgoing experience, but they can also result in diabetic shock. If our movie companies squeeze any more treacle into our trailers, theater ushers are going to have to be trained to administer insulin injections in the theater seats, and I’m not sure I trust those kids to stab me with a needle.”