So this Owen Wilson dialogue-refrain trailer is a kind of backhanded tribute to the star of No Escape, a butterscotch-dad-protects-family-from-Asian-chaos exploitation flick? Pic finally opens on 8.26 after six months of trailers. Observation #1: All movie stars play the same character (i.e., themselves) and therefore say similar things and behave in similar ways in film after film. That’s why they’re stars…people like their dependability. Observation #2: Wilson can play leading men but he’s not a natural at it — he is best when playing clever, witty, conspiratorial best friends who like to riff about all kinds of things but mostly relationships with women. Observation #3: I don’t like films about average American families having to deal with scary predatory people in a foreign country. The underlying message is ‘you don’t want to venture outside the safety of your American shopping-mall lifestyle…you’re just asking for trouble if you go overseas and particularly to unstable Asian or third-world countries…stay home, go to the mall, enjoy a backyard barbecue or watch a movie from the safety of your basement den.'”