Tip of the hat to Collider‘s Scott Mantz for being 91.67% correct in his Gold Derby balliot, and particularly for having won a $40 bet from Collider‘s Jeff Sneider over last night’s Parasite triumph. Below is a 1.29 Collider chit-chat between Mantz, Sneider and Perri Nemiroff. Start at 6:15.

Perri Nemiroff: “I do think that the top two on many of the ballots are going to be 1917 and Parasite. There’s little to no criticism on those compared to some of the others…”
Jeff Sneider: “You’ve gotta be crazy! ‘Little to no criticism about Parasite‘? You’re wrong. That’s a fact — you’re wrong.”
Nemiroff “In the voting community. I know you didn’t like it as much as most.”
Scott Mantz: “But most did.”
Nemiroff “Especially when you compare the critics of Parasite to the criticism we’ve seen about some of the other films. They’re much more divisive and..”
Jeff Sneider: “What film had the most criticism last year? What film?”
Scott Mantz: “Green Book.”
Sneider: “Did it win Best Picture?”
Mantz: “Yes.”

Sneider: “Scott, you just said you think Bong’s gonna win Best Director?”
Mantz: “Yes.”
Sneider: “And you think Parasite‘s gonna win Best Picture?
Mantz: “Yes.”
Sneider: “And you think it’s gonna win Best International Feature?”
Mantz: “Of course!
Sneider: “So you’re just going all in on Parasite?
Mantz: “I’m all in.”
Nemiroff: “That’s a dangerous guesstimate.”
Sneider: “I would bet you any amount of money it’s not gonna win all three of these awards.”

[$20 is wagered; later on it’s doubled to $40]

Nemiroff: “You’re in so much trouble now.
Sneider: “A bad bet.”
Nemiroff: “Parasite could be Best Picture or Best Director in addition to Best Int’l Features, but it’s not gonna win all three.”