I’m presuming there’s a reason why longtime Weinstein Co. publicity honcho Dani Weinstein is leaving her post. I’m mentioning this because trade stories announcing her departure aren’t even speculating as to why. High-calibre, long-serving employees usually leave a gig because they’ve accepted a better offer from another outfit, or because the company being left is grappling with a current of uncertainty or instability. The Weinstein Co. is thought to be going through difficult financial straits but I don’t know enough to even guess the particulars. Weinstein (no relation) has been with the Weinstein Co. for 16 years, or since 2000. Working at the Weinstein Co. has never been a day at the beach for anyone, ever.  Update:  Weinstein acquisitions and production chief Dan Guando is also ankling the company.  Coincidence, not.