“Let’s say you have a jar with 10,000 M&Ms, and only 10 of them are poisoned. Would you eat them?” — An analogy offered by Arleigh Clemens, a 78 year-old Iowa Republican, that N.Y. Times reporter Jason Horowitz included in a 12.11 piece (“Attack Spurs New Chapter in History of Dread in the U.S.”). Like most reasonable people I think Donald Trump‘s ban-all-Muslims notion is racist and xenophobic and plays right into the ISIS scheme. Then again Clemens is addressing what many people are thinking deep down. He’s saying that while the vast, vast majority of U.S.-residing Muslims may be totally cool, there are always a couple of bad apples in every barrel and that’s all it takes — a few wacko nutters to spray hot lead in a crowded place. This is why Donald Trump’s popularity has been spiking.