Sometime later today, right? I distinctly remember watching the House Judiciary Committee vote on one or two articles for Nixon’s impeachment. There were three votes, in fact, in late July 1974 — On 7.27, 7.29, and 7.30. The articles were for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress. These were reported to the House of Representatives for a vote, but after the release of the “Smoking Gun” tape Nixon’s Senate support collapsed for the most part, and he resigned on 8.9.74.

Trump’s impeachment will definitely be passed by the House, but Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republican slimeballs have no intention of even holding a Senate trial, much less coming to the obvious conclusion that Trump is an unfit sociopath and needs to be removed. Senate Republicans want to hold “a short impeachment trial early next year that would include no witnesses,” according to a 12.11 Washington Post article by Seung Min Kim, Paul Kane and Rachael Bade, because they believe “it would be better to limit the trial and quickly vote to acquit Trump.”