All through the arduous debate over whether or not President Trump deserves impeachment, Republicans have stood by a fundamentally revolting position or viewpoint, which is that the Constitutional provision for impeachment means nothing, that there is no rule of law, that we all live in a realm of haphazard moral chaos and that all U.S. Presidents have pulled slippery shenanigans so what’s the big deal?

This country is nothing without the rule of law, and only a sociopath would argue that standards for Presidential impeachment haven’t been satisfied by the facts uncovered and testified to about the Trump-Zelensky-Giuliani-Ukraine mishegoss. The President of the United States is a liar, a criminal, a would-be Mussolini, an instinctual bullshitter, a bloviater in a china shop and a flatulent animal governed only by arrogant self-interest and jungle-boogie instinct. The Ukraine thing became an impeachment issue because he got caught. It is what it is.