Just after noon I was making my way south down Robertson, heading toward the Culver City Arclight for a 12:30 pm LAFF screening of Caitlin Parrish and Erica Weiss‘s The View From Tall. Bright sunlight, blue sky, mildly heavy traffic. I was doing my usual weaving and bobbing between lanes, and suddenly there was a guy driving a small black SUV who was angry about my having cut in front of him. Dickhead thought balloon: “Whoa, hey…you don’t cut in front of me! My girlfriend just broke up with me and I’m paying $479 a month plus tax to drive this brand-new SUV, and if anyone’s cutting anyone off it’s me…I cut you off, Steve McQueen!” The next thing I know he’s roaring alongside, determined to go faster and maybe cut me off in the bargain when all of a sudden the traffic stops dead and Mr. Aggression slams on the brakes and just barely avoids crashing into the guy in front of him. I kept going, of course, weaving through the traffic and leaving this pathetic dick fuming behind the wheel. As I was being careful in my driving I didn’t have the chance to flip him the bird. I don’t think that was necessary, given what happened.