I’ve been steering clear of almost all superhero films for quite a while now, and it feels awfully damn good, I must say. Certainly when it comes to DC Comics off-shoots and anything remotely connected to Zack Snyder. I will make exceptions when it comes to Marvel’s Black Panther and Antman and the Wasp, but otherwise I’m going to be very careful. Why, then, am I thinking about catching a Justice League screening at Key West’s Tropic Cinema? (A 2D version will screen at 3:20 and 8:30 pm; the 3D showing is at 5:55 pm.) Because it’ll be something to write about besides the Key West Film Festival, I suppose. I have to be open to new experiences. I’ll also be catching Jeffrey Schwarz‘s The Fabulous Allan Carr, a festival selection…forget it, that’s tomorrow.