A week or so ago Exhibitor Relations analyst Jeff Bock told the Guardian‘s Rory Carroll that Sean Parker‘s Screening Room proposal (immediate access to new movies for $50 a pop) “is no doubt going to be the talk of the town at CinemaCon…this could be a massive game-changer.”

There’s talk about Parker and his crew offering some kind of presentation this week in Las Vegas, but not in any official capacity.

“If they’re coming because they have a hotel room…they are not on our official schedule,” CinemaCon managing director Mitch Neuhauser told TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly in a piece that posted last night. “CinemaCon is all about movies on the big screen.”

So when and where will the Big Debate occur? At what Cinemacon forum will voices be heard pro or con? If and when Parker shows up will anyone throw a drink in his face or trash Screening Room in some vocally demonstrative way, or is the whole Cinemacon-vs.-Screening Room brouhaha just a lot of hot journalistic air?

I’ve been quoted, by the way, in the Carroll piece, which popped today: