Four days ago Woody Allen declared through a rep that Dylan Farrow‘s allegations were “untrue and disgraceful.” Soon after it was reported that he would “very soon” be submitting a written response that the N.Y. Times will probably publish. So where is it? I don’t mean to sound cavalier about this matter but the Woody-Dylan-Mia machine is an ongoing media concern and cash cow, and it needs to be fed. Has anyone launched a website devoted solely to this sordid matter? My favorite riff of the day was from New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, whom I expected to come down on Dylan, Mia and Ronan’s side of the argument. But she’s more or less siding with Woody. Excerpt: “[During the child-custody battle of ’93] I expected to see Mia as the victim of a degenerate. Instead, the woman who sauntered into the courtroom in a prim, pleated skirt and starched blouse was detached and emotionless. She seemed to be acting. I concluded Mia was as nutty as Woody.”